Cosplay Contest

  1. Eligibility
    • All entrants must have an ENCOUNTERS Badge.
    • Entrants into the Costume Contest must be over the age of 13. Minors must have parents’ permission to enter to contest.
  2. General Information
    • The Costume Contest will be open to 50 individuals or groups for the Runway Display and 10 individuals or groups for the Skits.
    • Groups:
      • max of 3 members per group for the Runway Display
      • max of 6 members per group for the Skits
    • Each entrant is only allowed to participate in one portion of the competition, i.e. if you enter the Runway Display you will not be allowed to participate in the Skits and vice versa.
    • Contest Portion: All entrants/groups should include reference picture(s) of the character(s) they are dressing as in addition to one or more progress picture(s) that show which items the entrant/group actually made. (reference and progress pictures are necessary for the judges to give proper scores for accuracy and craftsmanship).
    • Anyone who does not show up for rehearsal on time will be disqualified. Rehearsals are for costume judging and running through technical requirements. Please come prepared.
    • Judging will be based on costume accuracy, craftsmanship, stage presence/performance, and overall impact.
  3. Entering
    • To sign up, the entrant or group must fill out a Sign Up form and email it to The deadline for entry is Midnight October 7th 2013.
    • All entries will be taken at a first come first serve basis to be determined by the time stamp on the email.
    • If all slots for the Runway Display are not filled prior to the start of the convention, a few in person registrations may be allowed on Friday evening at the Costume Contest’s Staff’s discretion. If allowed, late entrants must still follow all rules and be fully prepared for judging.
  4. Rules
    • For Everyone:
      • No costume is No Costume, while characters in many series’ do wear what could be classified as “street clothes,” a person in everyday attire is not very interesting and will be disqualified. However if this character is part of a group and/or elaborate props /accessories are involved the character may still be allowed.
      • Costumes and skits should not go beyond PG-13. This is a day time event so children may be present. If you have questions about what content is allowed please ask the Costume Contest Coordinator.
      • You may surprise the audience, but NEVER SURPRISE THE CON STAFF.
      • Weapons must be able to pass the weapons check and be peace bonded.
      • No messy substances—wet, dry, or oily—, flames or other hazards.
      • No jumping on or off stage. Please only use the officially designated stage entrances and exits. Stage hands will be present to assist performers on and off stage if necessary.
      • All entrants must arrive at the stage 1 hour prior to the beginning of the Costume Contest. This time will be used to go over the rules and to judge craftsmanship. Entrants must stay for the entire time (Judging hour + Costume Contest) to be eligible for any awards.
    • Costume Information:
      • Costumes from all genres (anime, manga, Sci-Fi movies, comics, video games, etc.) are acceptable as long as they are based on canon characters. This means that original characters are not accepted as a valid costume entry and will be disqualified.
      • All costumes should be made by the entrant(s) and all parts not made by the entrant(s) must be credited to their appropriate creators on the entry form so that credit can be given. Purchased costumes/items may only make up 40% of the overall look (individual or group entry). The purchase of wigs is excluded from the 40%.
      • All entrants should include at least one reference picture of the character(s) that they are portraying with their application. In the case of a group, please include one picture per member/character. Without pictures entrants may lose points for accuracy if the judges are not familiar with the character(s).
      • All entrants should bring at least one progress picture or some other proof of the costumes origin to the judging period prior to the actual costume. If this proof is not provided the entrant(s) may lose points for craftsmanship.
      •  No costume that has won awards at any previous convention/ costume competition is eligible, as it would be unfair to the other contestants..
    • Runway Specific:
      • All costumes will be judged individually. Meaning that each member of a group will be looked at separately. This means that there is a possibility of a single member of a group winning an award without the rest of the group.
    • Skits Specific:
      • Skits may be NO LONGER than 4 minutes.
      • If the entrant or group wishes to have music or any soundtrack they must be pre-recorded and sent in with the application as an .MP3 or .MP4 file.
      • It is preferable that Skit entrants have their entire skit pre-recorded (dialogue, music, sound effects, etc) so that timing and content is known and approved prior to performance.
      • If the entrant or group does not wish to have music they must turn in a final script with their application. Deviation from the originally approved dialogue/staging will count against your final score unless the changes have been approved by the Costume Contest Coordinator.
      • If the soundtrack or script is deemed inappropriate, the entrant or group will be allowed to re-apply ONCE. If the re-do is still deemed inappropriate the skit will be disqualified.
  • Awards:
    • First Place/Best in Show
    • Second Place
    • Third Place
    • Best Skit Performance
    • Most Humorous
    • People’s Choice (favorite entrant or group based upon audience reaction)

** All awards are given at the judges’ discretion based upon costume accuracy, craftsmanship, stage presence/performance, and overall impact of the individual/group.**

Encounters Con Staff reserves the right to adjust the contest rules at any time.

Costume Contest Entry Form